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We are experts in operational monitoring using System Center Operations Manager

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If you don’t yet have a monitoring solution in place, you should ask yourself, how is my IT infrastructure being operated? Is my staff logging in to those hundreds of servers, two or three times a day to make sure everything is working? If not, is your team operating your infrastructure by waiting for something to go wrong?

We know that operators need all the help they can get and we strive to impact the mindset of our customers to realize and embrace the fact, that a monitoring solution will make their daily tasks easier and more interesting. How about even converting some of the firefighting hours into innovation and development projects within the IT department instead? Helping the IT department stay on top of new technology – effectively owning operations within your business and fighting shadow IT.

A correctly configured monitoring solution and a few simple processes provide the basic tools needed, to proactively monitor and solve problems before they become a disaster. Operations Manager is an integral part of monitoring your infrastructure and plays an important role in optimizing response time and delivering on those SLA’s.

Azento Consultancy

With years of experience our team of consultants has specialized in implementing monitoring solutions with System Center Operations Manager. Based on experience and extensive knowledge within the product, we deliver value to any Operations Manager-related project, simple or complex.

Azento Software Development

Software development is a necessary discipline in almost every implementation, whether we’re talking scripting, management pack coding or even product development – it is all about building solid, bulletproof and functional solutions that integrates with your operations.

Daily Operations
We can help you with all aspects of a solid Operations Manager implementation, from daily operations to complex integration workloads.
We have years of experience customizing these solutions to meet customer needs in all types of environments and with all types of customers.
We know where a lot of current implementations have gone wrong, and how to avoid it from happening again.
A Head start
We are always happy to help you get a brand new start on System Center 2016 Operations Manager.

Be better by evolving strategies based on processes, products and people.


Azento is a services and software company. We are placed in Denmark and work out of our offices in Copenhagen and Aalborg. The company currently focuses on consultancy services within operational monitoring, service management and processes. Our primary focus is on Microsoft products and strategies.

In our continuous effort to bring even more value to our customers, we are currently extending our focus into providing software solutions to support our implementations. Our general approach to any task is knowledge, experience and most important – it has to make sense for our customers today as well as tomorrow. An approach that typically leads to long-term partnerships. We are always glad to elaborate on our services and products.

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